Civic service design is all about making design work for the city. See how we can work with and for you in improving the city and quality of life. Please get in touch with us with your questions or to learn more.

Bron van Doen -service design

Prototyping for civic innovation

Let us help you bridge your social innovation goals and future city services.

As civic service designers we are passionate about making design work for the city, and we can contribute both in strategy (policy innovation) and in practice (city services and experiences). And Bron van Doen is really good at building bridges that better connect the strategic and practical. Work with us to prototype new civic experiences that embody innovative ideas and policies.

Bron van Doen -service design

Participatory design development

Strengthen your team's ability to co-create and prototype societal concepts.

We will guide your team through a participatory design process to co-create a design concept with strong societal contexts. We prepare a trajectory that is custom tailored to your team and work together with them step by step. This service is usually for fixed teams working on mid to long term projects.

Bron van Doen -service design

Service design development

Further develop your successful social prototypes into sustainable services.

Prototyping social concepts are a joy, but making them last is much harder. Let us guide your team to further develop their concepts into sustainable services. With a heavy emphasis on service thinking, professionalization and creative entrepreneurship, this process requires a lot of work. But it is well worth the investment: your team's socio-economic capacity and their ability to self-organize will be dramatically improved.

Bron van Doen -service design

Discussion and networking

Expect useful and interactive participant experiences with Bron van Doen!

For one time events or in long term projects, we will guide your discussions and networking to be constructive and creative. We work with you to sharpen the agenda of the gathering and prepare custom tailored methods that are just right for the occasion. We are especially good at guiding small groups of at least five to around thirty people.


We are always prepared to create inspiring experiences for people to learn about social design, participatory design and creative entrepreneurship. Please get in touch with us with your questions or to learn more.

Bron van Doen -service design

Co-design workshop

Playful rapid ideation exercise for personal development and co-creating social concepts.

The first step of social design is expressing how you want to make a connection with people and society. The next step is imagining how to do this together. Using our own Co-design cards, we guide people to make the first two steps of social design in a personal, playful and cooperative workshop.

Bron van Doen -service design

Designing social cooperation

Guiding people to gather their building blocks for imagining (and starting) impactful cooperation.

Believe it or not, there actually is a hidden recipe behind successful social cooperation. Using service design methods, we guide people to identify and gather their ingredients of cooperation, such as motivations, enablers, hurdles and more. This activity is very useful for people tasked with cooperative assignments, especially at the early stages of their work.

Bron van Doen -service design

Social design workshop

Physical prototyping workshop for designing and testing social furniture.

Seriously, what even is social design? Here we introduce people to Bron van Doen's approach to social design which emphasizes prototyping, cooperation and social economy. While this workshop will help students strengthen their understanding of social design, it is even more interesting for people who are unfamiliar to social design and prototyping.

Bron van Doen -service design

Economic culture for independent creatives

Introducing independent creatives to economic culture and fair practice.

What does it mean to build sustainable practices as independent creatives? What is the role of independent creatives in making the creative sector more resilient? This workshop introduces economic culture and fair practice with exercises and discussions, specifically from the perspective of making independent practices more sustainable.

Bron van Doen - service design

Professionalization & business practice for starting creatives

Introducing starting creatives to the basics of professionalization and creative entrepreneurship.

Let's talk money. This workshop is for starting creatives to get them on the right track in building sustainable practices. Especially regarding the non-creative stuff. And honestly, it's not rocket science. We efficiently teach the basics so starting creatives can avoid making wasteful mistakes that hurt their future and focus on things that help them grow.

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