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A design practice built for the city

Bron van Doen is a service design studio started in 2016 by Dutch designer Ron Krielen and South Korean designer Minsung Wang. Both Design Academy Eindhoven alumni, together they have built a unique design practice based in the inspiring city of Eindhoven.

Most known for its high-tech industry and PSV football club, Eindhoven is also a lively city of social innovation for improving the city and quality of life, making it the perfect place for the duo to start as social designers. Working together with diverse people in the city, they have realised many projects including the Uit de Buurtfabriek foundation, De Bloemfontein and the MEDEWRKN initiative.

How can design make a difference in a city? How can it be useful for its many inhabitants? And how can diverse people work together towards tangible, mutually beneficial outcomes? They are busy answering these questions with their work, and are constantly looking for new opportunities to make design work for the city.

We are Bron van Doen

Ron Krielen


Co-founder &
Hands-on idealist

Ron is a maker, facilitator, leader, connector and the social heart of Bron van Doen.

Motivated to provide help and to be of service for those that need it, Ron studied at Design Academy Eindhoven to learn how to use design as a tool for social innovation. He was the manager of the Uit de Buurtfabriek foundation and currently also works as an innovator at the LEVgroep.

When Ron is not busy connecting people and guiding them to work together, he is spending time with his wife and two beautiful children.

Minsung Wang


Co-founder &
Mindful creative

Minsung is a thinker, researcher, supporter, connector and the daydreamer of Bron van Doen.

From South Korea with a background in Art history, he came to the Netherlands to learn Dutch design. After finishing his studies at Design Academy Eindhoven, he decided to stay and explore what design can do in improving the city and in helping people work together.

When Minsung is not busy coming up with new ways for people to work together, he can be found cycling around the villages nearby Eindhoven.

On Bloemfonteinstraat

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